FU-1000C 1KW FM Transmitter cum 1 Sinus Antennae et Accessories


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Budget needs to be considered before building an FM radio station, is there such a solution to save you from the equipment buying cost? Well, check this 1KW FM transmitter package! A robust 1000W FM transmitter FU-1000C an high gain dipole antenna FU-DV2 are included, this is the best price you'll ever seen for a 1000 watts FM transmitter package. Please contact for more details!

RF Part
crebritate modulorum suaviorem frequency Modulation
Frequentia Stabilizationis Methodo PLL Phase-clausa loop
Nominal Transmissio Frequency 87 MHz - 108 MHz (aliis frequentiis nativus fieri potest)
frequency deviationem ± 75 Hz
Frequency Gradus Value 50 kHz
Impedimentum output est 50 Ω
RF Output Connector L29-K vel certa connectors
Output RF Power 0 -1000 W semper adjustable
Output Power Deviation ± 10 W
RF efficientiam
> 75%
Gubernator Frequency Deviation
± 0.1 Hz
Harmonic Radiatio Suppressione
<-70 dB
Internum Residua unda Radialis
<-70 dB
Princeps Temporalis Harmonic Radiatio
<-65 dB
Parasiticae modulationis sonitus
<-50 dB

Audio Part
Audio potenti mollis XLR / USB / RCA
Audio Input Level < 15 dBV
Signum Ratio Noise ≥ 70 dB (1 kHz, 100 modulatio)
Sin Stereo ≥ 60 dB (L → R, R → L)
quavis deformatione ≤ 0.02% (30 Hz - 15000 Hz, 100 modulatio)
frequency Response 50 - 15000 HZ
Audio Preload 0 μs / 50 μs / 75 μs optional
Dextra Channel Level Differentia ≤0.05 dB (100% modulatio)

Pars generalis
gb Location 2U (longitudo 530 mm, latitudo 340 mm, altitudo 100 mm);
gb Location 2U (longitudo 20.8 inch latitudo 13.3 pollicis altitudo 4 inch)
Weight 10 kg
Weight 22 lbs
calor dissipatio modus: Air-refrigerium
Chassis Standard 19 pollices
Praesidium Modus caliditas et excelsum VSWR praesidium suscepit
relative humiditas
<% 95
altitudo altitudo
<M I
Vox Suggero intentione
100 VAC - 240 VAC / 50 Hz
Currere Ambient Temperature
-10 ° C - + 45 ° C
Maximum power
consummatio: W 1500
Range frequency 87 108 MHz,
initus IMMINENTIA 50 ohms
quaestum based on requirement
copiae variarum factionum collectae vertical
Horizontal Pattern
based on requirement
Exemplum vertical
Null fill, beam tilt, based on requirement
Maximum Power input-Watts 1kW / 3kW / 5KW / 10KW
Lucendi Praesidium Direct Grounding
iungo L29 femina
ratio 1400×900×50 MM (L/W/D)
5kg with hard ware mounting
Ventus superficies
0.05 m²
Ventus onus
9.8kg(wind speed at 160km/h-without radome)
Max venti velocitas
220 km / h
 Internal parts
Height of array
Subject to number of bays(refer to table)
Package Volume weight
KG 11
Packig Size
86 x 88 cm x 7
Color Radome
altae hardware
hot dip galvanized steel clamps

  • 1 x FMUSER FU-1000C 1U 1000W FM Transmitter 
  • 1 x 1bay FU-DV2 FM Dipole Antenna
  • 1 x 30 meter 1/2'' Cable with connectors



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